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   Sister  Maria Lai  黎 潔 雲 修 女


Edward Lam, Parish Pastoral Council Advisor           

Spiritual Growth Committee Coordinator                    

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish                              

10 Scanlon Hill N.W.,                                                       

Calgary, Alberta                                                                

Canada T3L 1K                                                                  

email: ealam@telus.net                                                     


MaryAnn McAdams                                              


All Souls Catholic Cemetery                                  

4400 Cherry Ave                                                     

Long Beach CA 90807                                            

email: mamcadams@la-archdiocese.org             


Edward took a risk when he invited me to give an Advent retreat to the youth of his parish. After that great experience he invited me back to give a catechist training workshop, leader training and a youth camp. I treasure the memory of serving the Chinese community in Alberta, Canada.

I worked at the cemetery only for a few months but I love the times that I was there.  MaryAnn dedicated to her work.  It was a treat to work under her leadership.


Anne Hennessy, CSJ, Ph.D.                                           

8000 Regis Way,                               

Los Angeles, CA 90045                                               


310-606- 9031                                                       

Daniel Christopher Smith, Ph.D.                                     

Professor, Department of Theology                         

Loyola Mary Mount University                               

1 LMU Drive,                                                                            

Los Angeles, CA 90045                                               

email: dchristopher@lmu.edu                                    


Rev. Joseph So, SDB                                                             

Supervisor of two Catholic Schools                                   

Assistant Pastor of Notre Dame Parish       

Saint Louis School                                                                  

179 Third Street, West Point                                                  

Hong Kong, China

email: soojoe22@yahoo.com


Scott W. Plunkett, Ph.D.                                         

Professor, Department of Psychology                 

California State University Northridge               

18111 Nordhoff Street,                                             

Northridge, CA 91330-8255

email: scott.plunkett@csun.edu

818-677-7480 x316

Sister Rose Marie Redding, CSJ                               

480 S Batavia Street                                                   

Orange, CA 92868                                                      

email: rmreddingcsj@yahoo.com                            


Sister is the most prayerful and humble scholar.  Her works inspire and call me to a different level of discipleship towards God.  If you wish to have the same experience, read her book: Galilee of Jesus, or attend any retreat that she conducts. 

He is my favorite professor at LMU.  I took a class from him and experienced a conversion.  Professor Daniel not only shares his knowledge and wisdom but also his soul.  He sees my potential and he believes in me.

My Spiritual Director, mentor, and     

my spiritual father.  He introduced

me to Saint Don Bosco and Saint

Dominic. To me he is a modern day

Don Bosco.

This Professor is smart.  He is most generous in sharing his knowledge and wisdom.  He is a light-hearted, humble man.

Sister is my mentor and my life-saver.

Her dedication has had a great influence in my thinking and my spiritual growth.  She has corrected all my college papers since 2009. 


Charles D Lovejoy, Jr. Deacon, Ph.D.  

Aquinas Institute at Princeton University

7 Hawk Drive  

Princeton Junction, NJ 08550 

email: lovejoy.doug@gmail.com


Joseph Iskandar                                                      

10031 Wystone Ave                                                  

Northridge, CA 91324                                             

email: joseph.iskandar@gmail.com                        


Deacon Doug is a gracious leader.  Doug and I organized the Cardinal Mahony Matteo Ricci Award together.  He is a delight to work with.  I learned a lots from him.

I met Joseph and his family on 9/11 when they lost their son, and brother. This family is holy and they taught me how to love and forgive.