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When we were asked to choose a project for our action research, I wondered what variations could take place in spiritual direction to make it more effective for 21st century directees.  I felt that technology should have a role in present-day spiritual direction, so I chose to move away from a traditional model towards a broader concept of spiritual direction.  Two major insights that strongly shaped my choosing to interweave spiritual direction, group dynamics, and cyber-technology into this action research are:

1) It is important in the 21st century to understand the power of small group collaboration in sharing spirituality. Small group collaboration not only builds communities and encourages branching out, but it is also affirms the perspective of various individuals, improves and stimulates ideas, and calls participants to be more responsible regarding what they say and do.   

2) It is also important to realize that cyber technology is a significant part of everyday life for many persons today, so it became imperative for me to consider using online communication tools to accommodate directees living in this technological society.  Using Wikispace,, Google Doc, iMoive, Youtube, Voicethread, Skype, Facebook, Email, Adobe Acrobat and UpToUs have been effective in helping the directees to connect words (cognition) with valuable attention and true empathy.  These tools have challenged them to go deeper in their own reflection and empathic listening in order to understand and empathize before they write their entries.  I believe that this use of cyber-tools has helped my directees and me to become better spiritual thinkers and responders, living in familiar places, but willing to notice what is unfamiliar and in need of attention. 

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